David Tennant at 2014 Summer TCA Tour for FOX's Gracepoint


Hey, so Martin Freeman and Christopher Eccleston both do TV shows where they have to use American accents, and NO ONE COMPLAINS! In fact, everyone LOVES them for it. David Tennant does a show with an American accent and 90% of the DT fandom melts down because OMG, he’s doing an American accent, I can’t even! David Tennant has a FIERCE American accent and Gracepoint is going to be amazing.

Photo I took of a sign in India. (Top)

The Nobel Peace Centre, Oslo. (Bottom.)

Times Square, 1947


The ancient city of Akko where Arabs and Jews live together as neighbours #coexistence

What an hateful, biased and inaccurate article. Jews have lived in Israel for millennia. There was an active Jewish community in Israel prior to the birth of the State. Jews (including my own family)  physically built many of the cities and the country’s infrastructure. Palestine/Hamas has spend decades conducting terrorist attacks on the Israelis, often intentionally targeting civilians and children. That “surprise attack” in 1967? Was because the Syrians were using the Golan Heights TO DROP FUCKING BOMBS ON CIVILIAN VILLAGES UNDERNEATH. al-Husayni also blockaded many tens of thousands of Jews in Jerusalem. Some of my own relatives were killed in these attacks and my mother fought in that war. There are also major incidents that have never been reported anywhere in the press or become public knowledge at all.

I want to be clear. I DO NOT SUPPORT THE ISRAELI GOVERNMENT. What the Israeli government is doing is despicable and entirely unacceptable regardless of situation. Personally I do not know a single Israeli or non-Israeli Jew who supports or condones that. But the amount of ignorance about the reality of the situation and what life is like for normal every day Israelis (who are just trying to leave in peace in the towns that have been their homes for generations), and the constant violence and terrorism, is astounding. Before I turned 10 I had experienced my town being bombed twice, in one case having to flee (how I ended up moving to England). I have seen many friends dead. There is a civilian town in Israel - Sderot - that has been attacked by Palestinian rockets on pretty much a daily basis for years.

It also disturbs me how many people ignore (or are entirely unaware of) the issues involving the Israeli government’s treatment of  non-Jewish Israeli citizens. For example the government’s appalling treatment of the Bedouin people and especially regarding the Unrecognized villages. This may not be an issue involving rockets and war and thus doesn’t get splashed all over the 6 o’clock news, but it is still an issue anyone who wants to be informed about Israel and its complexities needs to educate themselves about.

The American involvement and their reasons for that involvement, and particularly the motivation of the particular branch of Fundamentalist Christians to support the Jewish Israeli state, is also something people sometimes ignore entirely or are unaware of. Educate yourselves!

Most people in my country (both Jewish and Arab and people who are neither) want peace and feel that peaceful co-existence is possible. I personally have worked with one of Israeli’s co-existence programmes at Givat Haviva. The way forward is to expose those in the government and elsewhere who are pursuing a programme of violence, torture and oppression (on both sides), and make clear that such behaviour is not and will never be acceptable. Throw your support behind those who are working for peace - don’t demonize any entire people without knowing the facts.

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Part of me really wants to see this, but ugh, Shoreditch.

A two-for-one. Doctor Who and London Bridges!